Donation made to ICRP to help “Free the Annals”

The International Commission on Radiological Protection, ICRP, researches and publishes key information and recommendations that feed into our regulatory regimes and help inform radiation protection professionals of key parameters that they need to perform their work.

Most Radiation Protection Professionals routinely use ICRP information however this information has only generally been available to those that have purchased their publications. It is important that the wider radiation protection community are able to have access to this information to help improve radiological protection practices in the developing world and improve standards in developed countries.

The ICRP launched a campaign 2 months ago to “Free the Annals” with the intention to begin the process of making the Annals of the ICRP free-to-access for everyone around the world.

As users of the Annals, we understand the value of their contents and as it is nearing a major festive celebration in Scotland, we decided that we should financially support this campaign with a suitable donation. instead of sending out cards to our clients, suppliers and others.

Let us hope that the annals are freed in the near future for the benefit of all of the radiation protection community internationally.

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