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Training courses

The Ionising Radiations Regulations 2017 (IRR17) places a requirement on employers to ensure that all of their employees who are engaged in work with ionising radiation are given appropriate training in the field of radiation protection and receive such information and instruction as is suitable and sufficient for them to know:

  1. The risks to health created by exposure to ionising radiation;
  2. The precautions that should be taken; and
  3. The importance of complying with medical, technical and administrative requirements of the regulations.

All employees involved in the work with ionising radiation, including management, will need training to help develop and sustain a commitment to restricting exposure.

Training needs to be provided, and repeated at appropriate intervals, to employees to ensure that they work safely with ionising radiations and are competent in the system of work to be followed.

Prior to making an employee a classified person, it is essential that that employee receives specific basic radiological protection training.

Training is also needed for employees performing specific functions required by the Ionising Radiations Regulations 2017 such as:

  1. Acting as a radiation protection supervisor (RPS); or
  2. Making entries in radiation passbooks for outside workers; or
  3. Monitoring radiation and contamination levels for controlled and supervised areas.

Some employees may not be closely involved with the work with ionising radiation but need suitable information or instruction to avoid being unnecessarily exposed to radiation (e.g. if there is a high activity sealed source (HASS) present on the site).

RP Alba Ltd provides a wide range of training courses and we tailor our courses to our clients’ type of work with radiation to ensure that it is of maximum value to your organisation.

The training courses that we offer include:

  1. Basic radiological protection
  2. Radioactive source management
  3. X-ray set safety
  4. High Activity Sealed Sources (HASS)
  5. Operational monitoring
  6. Radiation Protection Supervisor (RPS)
  7. RPS refresher
  8. Radiation passbook updates
  9. Radiation protection for managers and employers

We also offer tailored courses to help with the continuous professional development (CPD) of your employees or to address specific training needs.

We have recently started to make some of our radiation protection training courses available online at https://www.radiationtrainingonline.com/. Courses currently available online for you to participate in include:
  1. Radiation protection awareness training for small animal veterinary X-ray equipment users https://www.radiationtrainingonline.com/courses/VP01
  2. Radiation protection awareness training for veterinary X-ray equipment users (horses and other large animals) https://www.radiationtrainingonline.com/courses/VP02
  3. Radiation protection awareness training for X-ray equipment users in the food industry https://www.radiationtrainingonline.com/courses/FI101

Certificates of successful completion are issued for all courses that have a written assessment, including our online training courses.

If you are interested in attending one of our training courses, or having a course tailored specifically for your needs, then please contact us today to discuss making this happen at a mutually convenient date and place.

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