RP Alba Ltd,
Seaview Office,
Melvich, Sutherland,
KW14 7YL

Phone: +44(0) 1641 406880

E-mail: info@rp-alba.com

Brochure of RP Alba Ltd Services

RP Alba Ltd is an independent consultancy and radiological support services company based in Scotland. We provide a range of radiological protection services to clients who have an interest in ensuring safe, secure, legally compliant and environmentally responsible work with radiation and radioactive materials. We support customers throughout the UK and internationally.

Our principle services include:

  1. Provision of independent Radiation Protection Adviser (RPA) advice
  2. Provision of independent Radiation Waste Adviser (RWA) advice
  3. Provision of face-to-face training to personnel on radiological matters
  4. Provision of online training to personnel on radiological matters
  5. Provision of independent Peer Review of your arrangements
  6. Provision of independent audits of your arrangements

Our aim is to support your organisation in the work that you perform. Please feel free to contact us to find out how we can assist you achieve your organisation's objectives.

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