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Radioactivity Unit Conversion

Please use this calculator to convert your radioactivity value between Bq and Ci or vice-versa.

Enter the activity and units you wish to convert:

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Additional information about this unit converter:

The becquerel (Bq) is the SI (International System of Units) derived unit of radioactivity. One Bq is defined as the activity of a quantity of radioactive material in which one nucleus decays per second.

The Curie (Ci) is a non-SI unit of radioactivity which is still used as the unit of radioactivity in some parts of the world. One Ci is roughly the activity of 1 gram of the radium isotope Ra-226. 1 Ci of radioactivity is equivalent to 3.7x1010 decays per second (i.e. 1 Ci = 3.7x1010 Bq).

The Ci is a very large unit of radioactivity and the Bq is a very small unit of radioactivity therefore it is common to use prefixes for these units. The following prefixes are commonly used:
Tera (T) = 1x1012 = 1E+12 = 1,000,000,000,000
Giga (G) = 1x109 = 1E+09 = 1,000,000,000
Mega (M) = 1x106 = 1E+06 = 1,000,000
Kilo (k) = 1x103 = 1E+03 = 1,000
milli (m) = 1x10-3 = 1E-03 = 0.001
micro (μ) = 1x10-6 = 1E-06 = 0.000001
nano (n) = 1x10-9 = 1E-09 = 0.000000001
pico (p) = 1x10-12 = 1E-12 = 0.000000000001

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