Scottish Enterprise Nuclear Supply Chain Project supported


RP Alba Ltd had been asked to support the Scottish Enterprise’s Nuclear Supply Chain Project by giving a presentation to small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) at their meeting titled “Tendering for Nuclear Contracts – A Masterclass”.

The full agenda for the event can be viewed here:

RP Alba Ltd’s director, Bob Kerr (a RPA and RWA), delivered his presentation to about 25 delegates from SMEs looking to break into the nuclear market.  This presentation was well received and highlighted a number of the key employer responsibilities that these SMEs need to consider when pricing and delivering projects that involve work with ionising radiations.  A copy of the presentation can be viewed here: 

Evan Wright, one of the event organisers said to all of the presenters “thank you all very much for your tremendous support of the NSC project by presenting at the above event. I took the opportunity to see some delegate feedback forms and as a random sample, they all rated the event as good to excellent and very relevant to their businesses. You made this happen and it is much appreciated.”