Specialist shielding delivered for a client’s project

A client had contacted RP Alba Ltd about the hire of radiological protection instrumentation (RPI) for a characterisation project.

The client required the detector to have a high degree of shielding around it to help minimise the affect from nearby radiation sources (i.e. the detector required to be operating inside a suitable collimator).

Following detailed discussion with the client, RP Alba Ltd found out that they already owned a detector that would be suitable for the task if only it was suitably shielded for the application.

As a cost effective solution, RP Alba Ltd worked with the client to provide suitable shielding to help perform their task.

The provision of this shielding for a detector was safely delivered today and met the client’s needs.  They said that their detector “fitted like a glove” inside the collimator.

The provision of this detector shielding was a significantly lower cost solution for this client compared to buying or hiring a specialist detector with the shielding pre-incorporated.

RP Alba Ltd prides itself in thinking outside of the box to ensure that clients get workable safe legally compliant solutions at cost effective rates.  How can we help your organisation or project?


RP Alba Ltd thanked for support given to SRP Schools event at IRPA13

Today RP Alba Ltd received a letter from the Society for Radiological Protection thanking Bob Kerr for his help and support in helping organise and run the recent Schools event that was held at IRPA13 in Glasgow.

A copy of this letter can be viewed here: http://www.rp-alba.com/resources/SRPLetterheadBK.pdf

This event was a major first for engaging students in radiological protection and getting them to think of radiation protection as a potential career choice. We enjoyed helping the SRP out with this event.