New Basic Safety Standards

The European Parliament have now approved the new set of Basic Safety Standards that are to be adopted in UK legislation within the next 4 years.

This will introduce some changes to our legislation system. The two key highlights are:-

  • Dose limit to the lens of the eye will be reduced to 150 mSv from 500 mSv for classified persons; and
  • The out of scope levels for some wastes contaminated with Cs-137 will reduce from 1 Bq/g to 0.1 Bq/g.

There are numerous other changes but if you want an advance warning of what these changes are likely to be then it may be worth you reading the new BSS which can be viewed at

If you have any queries in relation to this then please feel free to contact us.

Article published on employer responsibilities under IRR99

Happy new year to all of you.

At the end of 2013, we had an article published in the “Nuclear Future” publication titled “Employer responsibilities under the Ionising Radiations Regulations 1999″. The article may be of interest to you or personnel in your company.

The article that we wrote can be read at:

The information contained in the article was written for the nuclear sector but the pertinent points apply across all sectors.

If you have any queries on dosimetry or wish any RPA advice at any point then please feel free to contact us however we hope that you find this article of interest and useful.

Veterinary RPS course in Inverness

RP Alba Ltd is pleased to announce the date of our next scheduled Radiation Protection Supervisor (RPS) course for diagnostic veterinary x-ray users – both small animal clinics and equine.

Our next course will take place* on Monday 7th October 2013 at the Thistle Hotel in Inverness. Please contact us to book your place.

* Course will only run if we have a minimum of 4 delegates. Places are limited.

RP Alba Ltd dosimetry stand shown in Nuclear Future magazine

The latest edition of the Nuclear Future magazine (Volume 9 Issue 1 – January/February 2013) had a write up of the NDA supplier event that was held in Bolton in November 2012.

We were pleased to see that one of the pictures in this magazine shows the RP Alba Ltd stand in it:

Mirion Technologies and RP Alba Ltd co-exhibited at this event to demonstrate our dosimetry service provision capability. Please see for more information on our dosimetry services.

Our leaflet on our dosimetry service offerings can be downloaded from here: and the powerpoint presentation that was running on our stand at the NDA supplier day (which contains a summary of the services available) can be viewed here:



RPA Services to Veterinary Sector

RP Alba Ltd have been providing RPA support services to a number of small animal and equine practices for a period of time.

We have also recently started providing both RPA and RWA services to a practice that provides hyperthyroidism treatment for feline patients.

Vet Index is the key reference source of suppliers for the veterinary sector and RP Alba Ltd are proud to now be advertising in this publication in their RPA section. Our advert, that will be in the printed 2013 Vet Index directory, can be viewed here.

If your veterinary practice requires RPA and/or RWA support then please feel free to contact us to discuss how we can support you.

Basic Safety Standards for Radiological Protection – Revised Directive

A Revised Directive for the Basic Safety Standards (BSS) for Radiological Protection is currently being discussed by the EC.  It is proposed to complete the discussions on the revised BSS during the Irish Presidency.

The UK Health and Safety Executive (HSE) are seeking comments on the proposed revised directive. You can view the consultation on their web community here and feed back comments to them following the instructions on their website.

If you want to just have a quick look at the proposed revised BSS (December 2012 version), then you can view it here.

This may be our last chance to comment on the proposed revised BSS before it gets enshrined into EC legislation and ultimately into UK legislation.  Have a read and if you have comments then please feed them back to the HSE.

Scottish Enterprise Nuclear Supply Chain Project supported


RP Alba Ltd had been asked to support the Scottish Enterprise’s Nuclear Supply Chain Project by giving a presentation to small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) at their meeting titled “Tendering for Nuclear Contracts – A Masterclass”.

The full agenda for the event can be viewed here:

RP Alba Ltd’s director, Bob Kerr (a RPA and RWA), delivered his presentation to about 25 delegates from SMEs looking to break into the nuclear market.  This presentation was well received and highlighted a number of the key employer responsibilities that these SMEs need to consider when pricing and delivering projects that involve work with ionising radiations.  A copy of the presentation can be viewed here: 

Evan Wright, one of the event organisers said to all of the presenters “thank you all very much for your tremendous support of the NSC project by presenting at the above event. I took the opportunity to see some delegate feedback forms and as a random sample, they all rated the event as good to excellent and very relevant to their businesses. You made this happen and it is much appreciated.”

RP Alba Ltd attend blue chip company networking event

RP Alba Ltd’s director, Bob Kerr, last week attended a networking event with blue chip oil/gas industry companies in Inverness.  This event was organised by Energy North and helped to promote the various small companies in the north of Scotland.

This networking event was featured in the local Press and Journal paper, see:

It was a good networking event and has helped to raise RP Alba Ltd’s profile and an industry awareness of the services that we offer.

Specialist shielding delivered for a client’s project

A client had contacted RP Alba Ltd about the hire of radiological protection instrumentation (RPI) for a characterisation project.

The client required the detector to have a high degree of shielding around it to help minimise the affect from nearby radiation sources (i.e. the detector required to be operating inside a suitable collimator).

Following detailed discussion with the client, RP Alba Ltd found out that they already owned a detector that would be suitable for the task if only it was suitably shielded for the application.

As a cost effective solution, RP Alba Ltd worked with the client to provide suitable shielding to help perform their task.

The provision of this shielding for a detector was safely delivered today and met the client’s needs.  They said that their detector “fitted like a glove” inside the collimator.

The provision of this detector shielding was a significantly lower cost solution for this client compared to buying or hiring a specialist detector with the shielding pre-incorporated.

RP Alba Ltd prides itself in thinking outside of the box to ensure that clients get workable safe legally compliant solutions at cost effective rates.  How can we help your organisation or project?


RP Alba Ltd thanked for support given to SRP Schools event at IRPA13

Today RP Alba Ltd received a letter from the Society for Radiological Protection thanking Bob Kerr for his help and support in helping organise and run the recent Schools event that was held at IRPA13 in Glasgow.

A copy of this letter can be viewed here:

This event was a major first for engaging students in radiological protection and getting them to think of radiation protection as a potential career choice. We enjoyed helping the SRP out with this event.