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Radiation Protection Adviser (RPA) support

Most employers who perform “work with ionising radiations” are required to consult and appoint a Radiation Protection Adviser (RPA).

There are some exemptions from this requirement given in Schedule 1 of the Ionising Radiations Regulations 1999 (IRR99). If you think that you may be exempt from this requirement then it is still worth checking initially with a RPA that this is the case for reassurance purposes. Please contact us at RP Alba Ltd if you wish to check, free of charge, whether you are exempted under Schedule 1 .

“Work with ionising radiation” is defined in IRR99 as:

  1. A practice which involves the production, processing, handling, use, holding, storage, transport or disposal of artificial radioactive substances and some naturally occurring sources which are processed for their radioactive, fissile or fertile properties;
  2. The use of electrical equipment emitting ionising radiation at more than 5 kV;
  3. Work in places where the radon gas concentration exceeds 400 Bq m-3 when averaged over any 24 hour period; and
  4. Work with radioactive substances containing naturally occurring radionuclides, where the activity cannot be disregarded for the purposes of radiation protection as their use is likely to lead to employees, or other people, receiving an effective dose of ionising radiations in excess of 1 millisievert in a year.

Our Radiation Protection Adviser (RPA) services are available to all sectors of UK industry and are suitable for most sources of ionising radiation in the workplace. There are various matters, list in Schedule 5 of IRR99, where RPA consultation is mandatory:

  1. Requirements for Controlled and Supervised designated areas;
  2. Prior examination of plans for installation (and acceptance into service) of new or modified sources of ionising radiation. This relates to engineering controls, design features, safety features and any devices provided designed to restrict exposure to ionising radiation;
  3. Regular calibration of equipment provided for monitoring levels of ionising radiation and the regular checking that such equipment is serviceable and correctly used;
  4. The periodic examination and testing of engineering controls, design features, safety features and warning devices and regular checking of systems of work provided to restrict exposure to ionising radiations.

In addition to the mandatory consultation described above, IRR99 requires that users of ionising radiation also seek advice as is necessary for observance of the regulations. To conform fully with the IRR99 Approved Code of Practice, RPA advice often extends to providing advice on the technical and administrative radiation protection arrangements and includes:

  1. Risk assessment;
  2. Conduct of investigations of incidents and accidents involving ionising radiations;
  3. Development and practicing of contingency arrangements;
  4. Local rules;
  5. Dose assessment and dose recording;
  6. Training requirements;
  7. QA programme for equipment used in connection with medical exposures.

Employers who conduct work with ionising radiations must consult with a Radiation Protection Adviser to achieve full compliance with the IRR99. It is the employer's responsibility to ensure that:

  1. the RPA has either an individual certificate of competence (issued by an assessing body recognised by the HSE), or be part of an 'RPA Body' recognised by the HSE;
  2. the RPA has the relevant knowledge, expertise and competence to advise on the particular sources in use;
  3. the RPA is formally appointed in writing.

RP Alba Ltd is not a RPA body therefore we guarantee that any advice that you receive from RP Alba Ltd will be from a fully qualified RPA who has been individually recognised as being competent. Upon placement of a RPA service contract, RP Alba Ltd will provide a template letter for editing and formally issuing to enact the RPA appointment in writing.

RP Alba Ltd has a range of service contracts available depending on your requirements. Please contact us today to discuss your needs.

Following placement of a contract and receipt of a RPA appointment, RP Alba Ltd will help with all the technical and administrative arrangements for compliance with the Ionising Radiations Regulations 1999. In addition we advise on your obligations under the provisions of The Radioactive Substances Act 1993, the Environmental Permitting Regulations 2010 and the Carriage of Dangerous Goods and Transportable Pressure Vessels Regulations 2009.

Our annual RPA service agreements include:

  1. Site visit(s) for supporting your work with ionising radiations and auditing radiation safety
  2. Provision of audit reports with recommended improvements
  3. Independent monitoring and reporting of radiation / radioactive contamination levels
  4. Retention for RPA advice throughout the year
  5. Other services as agreed in the service level agreement.

We offer a range of discounts to customers that wish to guarantee that they will commit to using our services for 3 or 5+ years.

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